Love Matters

Every so often (not just on Valentines Day) I am struck, all over again, by the astonishing reach and drive of human love.  The Technological Revolution, Wars, Famines, Rockets On The Moon and Melting Ice-Cap... his non-stop backdrop of epic, game-changing events continues, often at breakneck speed, changing our world.  And yet it is still the abstraction we call Love that beams mostly fiercely in our daily lives, the thing most of us seek to experience and understand.  It brings down Generals, Politicians, smitten teachers, smitten teenagers, and everything in between.  It is the engine of all that is saintly and selfless, as well as much that is satanic and selfish.  I know I sound dramatic, but it is dramatic.  The endless human quest to love and be loved in return. It trips us up but is also what keeps us going.