If you are struggling in the July heat

I make a point never to complain about hot weather in the UK.  EVER.

For those who may be struggling to stay positive, here are 10 of my reasons why the heatwave is a Wonderful Thing:

  1. The faint but indelible feeling of bein... n Holiday!
  2. It takes about one minute to get dressed in the mornings.  T-shirt, shorts, flip-flops.  Job Done. (More time in bed).
  3. The butter is soft-soft.  Easier to spread on bread.  Less gets used.  Healthier!
  4. The chink of cutlery across the garden fence... our neighbours exist! They are happy sun-seekers just like you!
  5. EATING OUTSIDE, even at night, without the need of a fleece and thick socks. (Socks might be required against the midges, but I prefer Off! - fine so long as one remembers to wash one's hands before dipping into the crisps/nuts/dips accompanying the pre-prandial drink.
  6. Prosecco.  The evening heat demands it. (With snacks.  See above).
  7. Flowers at dusk (ie 9pm), velvet and vibrant after absorbing the belting heat of the afternoon.
  8. The weather pundits can still be gloriously WRONG. Back in early June I seem to recall a prediction of wet summers for THIRTY YEARS.
  9. Summer berries all taste as they are supposed to, even supermarket ones: sweet and full of sun.  I am eating several kilos a week. (Healthy!)
  10. It's only JULY!  By the time the heatwave breaks many of us will still have our 'real' summer holidays to look forward to.

(Mine's a week in Spain. I hope it doesn't rain).