December Digital LAUNCH News!

December 6th: Digital Publication Day for my novels 'Relative Love' and 'A Family Man':

I can dimly - very dimly - remember when I thought 'digital publishing' wasn't going to be something that would affect me too much... a ha ha.

I never was any good at reading global trends.  It was one of the reasons why I knew it was a wise decision to leave my first career in advertising.  In fact, you are reading words written by an Account Manager who, when asked to help pitch for a new product called 'decaffeinated coffee', (it was Hag, circa 1983), announced many times (quite loudly) to anyone prepared to listen: "Coffee WITHOUT caffeine? Like that's ever going to catch o...

I had a business computer client too, whom I would secretly scoff at for his claim that one day - in our life time - there would be a 'personal' computer in every home....

My excuse is that I have other talents.  Like writing novels.

And now I couldn't be happier that was wrong!  Because two of the books of which I am most proud and fond (first published by Hodder & Stoughton in 2001 and 2004 respectively) are being given a Second Chance to find readers who will love them and 'get' them and not mind at all that I am the sort of person who can't spot a national trend even when it hits me over the head.  Novelists write to be read.  And so a day when a story is launched at the world is a Special Day - not so much like the launch of a ship, I always think, so much as a message in a bottle, bobbing off on its own, hopefully to be scooped up by Someone who will understand and be absorbed by the gentle and loving spirit in which it was sent forth.

So I say: Good Luck  'Relative Love' and 'A Family Man'.  You are part of my brood and I wish you well.  I shall drink a little champagne, and get on with the next.