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Writing vs Living

My mother died last week.  She was eighty one, and had had an amazing life, and was getting frail, so it was a blessedly sudden and speedy release for her, but a terrible shock for the rest of us.  Grief is a strange, exhausting business. It comes at you in waves over which you have no control.  Every time you think are okay to stand up it  knocks you down again.  And again.  The frequency of this…

Wednesday 4th February, 2015 | undefined min read

Milestones Matter

My son is leaving home.  Cue a chorus of jeers and "about-time-toos".  Forgive me if I don't join in. They take their time to go, this lot, not like us oldsters, who packed our bags for a first job or uni and never looked back, apart from intermittent phone calls and the occasional festive visit.  No, this generation, for a variety of socio-economic reasons that I don't propose to go into here…

Friday 12th June, 2015 | undefined min read

Why I Write

As many people know by now, I have finished my novel.  My 16th.  It is called 'The Distance Between Us' and has taken THREE YEARS to write, FOUR if you count the year before that when I was 'charging my batteries', or 'filling the well', or whatever euphemism you want for the business of living life for a bit instead of trying to write about it.  The length of time has many possible reasons: I…

Monday 14th September, 2015 | undefined min read